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Which companies are the leaders in Senior Finance Recruitment in London

In London, several firms specialize in senior finance recruitment, including the placement of CFOs and other high-level finance executives. These firms range from global executive search companies to specialized boutique agencies focusing exclusively on senior finance roles. As of my last update, some of the leading companies in this space include:

  1. FD Capital: Has a strong presence in London and specializes in senior finance recruitment, including CFO positions.  Visit their website
  2. Robert Walters: Another global recruitment firm with a significant presence in London, Robert Walters specializes in placing high-caliber finance professionals in senior roles across various industries.
  3. Egon Zehnder: Known for its executive search services, Egon Zehnder provides bespoke recruitment solutions for C-level positions, including CFOs, focusing on leadership qualities and strategic fit.
  4. Spencer Stuart: A global executive search firm that specializes in senior executive placements, including CFOs, Spencer Stuart is known for its deep market insights and extensive network of finance professionals.
  5. Odgers Berndtson: With a strong presence in London, Odgers Berndtson is a leading global executive search firm that offers recruitment services for senior finance roles among its specialties.
  6. Russell Reynolds Associates: This firm is renowned for its executive search and leadership advisory services, focusing on recruiting top executives, including CFOs, for various industries.
  7. Korn Ferry: A global organizational consulting firm, Korn Ferry offers executive search services, including senior finance recruitment, leveraging its vast network and industry expertise.
  8. Heidrick & Struggles: Specializing in executive search and leadership consulting, Heidrick & Struggles is known for its work in recruiting for high-level positions, including CFOs.
  9. Hays Senior Finance: As part of the larger Hays recruitment firm, Hays Senior Finance focuses specifically on recruiting for senior-level finance positions in London and beyond.
  10. Greenwich Partners: A boutique executive search firm that focuses on investment, corporate finance, and equity research roles, including senior finance positions in various industries.

The senior finance market in London in 2024 reflects a dynamic landscape influenced by various factors, including evolving workplace trends and salary expectations. Insights gathered from industry reports and salary guides highlight key trends affecting the recruitment and retention of senior finance professionals.

According to Morgan McKinley’s 2024 UK Salary Guide, salary remains a primary motivator for professionals considering job moves, with 42% citing it as their most valued factor. The guide also emphasizes the importance of flexibility, with 52% of professionals preferring to work 1 or 2 days from the office, suggesting a lasting change in working patterns post-pandemic​

The Robert Half 2024 UK Salary Guide indicates that the labor market has been volatile, prompting employers and employees to adjust their expectations and strategies for the coming year. This includes a focus on company perks and benefits, which are increasingly being offered to match jobseekers’ expectations. The guide serves as a comprehensive resource for understanding current salary levels across various positions, hiring intentions, in-demand skills and qualifications, and the industries most in need of skilled workers​

These insights underscore the competitive nature of the senior finance market in London, where attracting and retaining top talent requires not just competitive salary offerings but also an understanding of professionals’ changing preferences for flexibility and work-life balance. Employers looking to hire senior finance professionals in 2024 need to consider these factors to develop effective recruitment and retention strategies.

The size of the London senior finance market in 2024 isn’t explicitly quantified in readily available public resources in terms of total market value or number of professionals. However, insights into the market can be inferred from hiring trends, salary guides, and the demand for senior finance roles.

From the information gathered:

  • Hiring Trends: The demand for senior finance professionals, including CFOs, finance managers, and those in accounting and financial planning roles, remains robust, with salaries for hard-to-fill positions continuing to climb. This indicates a competitive and active market for senior finance talent​
  • ​.
  • Salary Information: For a Senior Finance Manager in London, the average salary in 2024 is reported to be £71,045, with a range from £51,000 to £92,000, depending on experience and specific skills​
  • ​. This reflects the premium placed on senior finance roles in the city, corroborating the market’s competitiveness and the high valuation of finance expertise.
  • Market Dynamics: Factors such as an accountant shortage and increased workloads due to financial reporting issues are impacting the senior finance market. Companies are adopting various strategies to attract, retain, and manage talent, including competitive salaries and flexible work options​

​The demand for risk and compliance professionals has also seen an uptick, further illustrating the evolving needs and challenges within the senior finance market​

These insights suggest that the London senior finance market in 2024 is dynamic, with a strong demand for experienced professionals and a competitive salary structure to attract top talent. Companies are actively seeking individuals with expertise in financial planning and analysis, financial reporting, and general accounting, among other areas, to navigate the complex business and regulatory environment​

For more detailed and specific insights into the London senior finance market, including salary benchmarks and hiring trends, the Robert Half 2024 Salary Guide​

These firms have established reputations for their expertise in senior finance recruitment, offering a range of services from executive search to leadership assessment and placement. They cater to a diverse set of industries, including finance, technology, retail, and more, helping companies in London and globally to find the right finance leadership.

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